Chilliwack is home to some world class mountain bike trails. As locals, we wanted a local shop that matched the calibre of the trails we get to ride everyday. A shop that only carries products and brands that we believe in and trust. A shop for the mountain bike community. We started Vedder Mountain Bike Co. with this vision. 

Rob Friesen - Owner

The Legend: Rob runs the sales and day to day operations of the shop.  He was born and raised in Chilliwack with well over two decades of experience in the bike industry.


Spencer Arnold - Owner

The Man: Spencer runs the service shop and is our in house tech guru.  He was born in Abbotsford and raised in Chilliwack with over a decade of experience in the bike industry. 

Jeremy Knoke - Owner

The Myth: Jeremy mostly works behind the scenes, crunching the numbers and doing other back-end work for the shop.  Born and raised in Chilliwack, he is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over a decade of cycling experience. 

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Stefan Bott-Michaelis - Mechanic

Ze German: Stefan is a full time, fully certified mechanic who specializes in everything E-Bike. He's really good at fixing regular bikes too! Stefan was born in Germany and grew up racing cross country. He moved to Canada in 2016 and loves the flow of the local trails in the Fraser Valley.

Grant Wilson - Sales


The Kid: Grant is a full time sales associate.  He is a Chilliwack local and knows where the good stuff is.  He keeps the stoke alive plus is always willing to chat and help out where ever he can.  From trail building to riding, he loves all things bike!

Mason Boughner - Mechanic


The Builder: Mason wrenches on bikes in the back of the shop but comes out of hibernating from time to time to assist with the sales side of things when needed.  He spent his childhood days biking and building trails around Chilliwack and recently moved back here after a 15 year stint in Calgary.  He couldn't stay away from our riding scene for ever!

Peter Bartman - Coach/Sales


The Coach: Peter is our in-house mountain bike coach. He is certified through the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor's Association (PMBIA) and has over 15 years of riding experience. He has a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and also works as a personal trainer.