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mountain bike lessons

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We're spoiled... since the beginning we've been riding bikes and building trails in one of the best parts of the world to do so. In that time we've learned a thing or two about the area and how to have fun on a bike in it. Now we want to share that knowledge with our professional mountain bike lessons.

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Chilcotins 2018 (224 of 251).jpg


Our lessons are targeted towards beginner to intermediate riders looking to learn or hone the fundamental skills of mountain biking. This includes skills such as:

  • Operating the controls

  • Body positioning

  • Terrain management

Lessons are tailored to the student through pre-lesson interviews, rider feedback and observation by the instructor during the lesson.

Chilcotins 2018 (224 of 251).jpg


We offer 2 or 3 hour lessons and can accommodate one on one or small groups up to 4 students of similar skill level. We will chat with you before hand to determine your skill level and schedule your lesson accordingly.

Lessons take place in the Chilliwack Community Forest. Information on the network can be found here.

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2 hour lesson - $150

3 hour lesson - $225

Additional students - $25/hour

We ask that all riders taking part in our lessons be members of the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association. Without them, we would not have these amazing trails to learn on. FVMBA members receive many benefits and membership proceeds help support our trails. For more information and to purchase your membership visit the FVMBA Website.


Meet Peter, our in-house mountain bike coach. Peter is a Professional Mountain Bike Instructor with wilderness first aid certification. When he's not coaching or working in the shop, Peter spends his time as a personal trainer helping others achieve their fitness goals. Peter was born and raised in Chilliwack and has been riding the area for the past 15 years. He's excited to combine his passion for mountain biking with his exceptional coaching and riding skills to help riders take their mountain biking to the next level. 

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