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Island Hopping on Galiano Island

With the Christmas rush over, January is always a good time to slow down and recharge. We were fortunate enough to be able to take a couple days and get away on the bikes for some much needed exploration. The idea came up on Friday, the bikes were outfitted Saturday and we were on the way to the ferry station Sunday morning.. at 4am.

The rigs, all geared up for an overnighter. There was no water source where we were staying, so each bike had about 4 litres of water attached to it.

We had been checking the weather reports diligently, but the only consistency in the forecast was that it was consistently changing. Our last update on the ferry at 11 o'clock showed rain starting at 11:30 and going until 2:15, right smack in the middle our planned riding time. Good thing we packed our 7Mesh Goretex and drybags...

So soaked my dudes!

Sally the salamander. This little critter was kind enough to pose for a photo-op,  a welcome break on the hill from hell.

The town at Sturdies Bay on Galiano Island (Capital G as it was called on the weather app) didn't have much going on, but it did have a pub. Since we only packed food for dinner and breakfast, the pub was our stop for lunch... 3kms into the ride... After some beers, margaritas and fish & chips at the Hummingbird, it was time to get on with the ride to the end of the island.

Fuelling up with premium for a wet ride to the end of the island.

Motorists were few and far between and mostly courteous when passing on the winding and sometimes narrow road. The Sturdies Bay Trail runs from nearby the ferry terminal right to the Hummingbird pub and is a fun way to get off the road, even a skinny tired touring bike can handle it.

When we got to the campsite the rain had let up (2:15 on the dot, the weather app was bang-on) and we were greeted by a pristine ocean view. Our only company was a group of sea lions watching our every move from the bay.

The campsite at was in the forest off the water. While we were about 100m off the beach, our camp site apparently was right in the middle of an otter's trail into the forest. While we were breaking camp on the second day, an Otter came tearing through our site without any hesitation. It was hilarious (terrifying for Spencer) and a definite highlight of the trip.

The second day was all sunshine and beautiful views. Our gear had mostly dried overnight and we had an amazing ride back into town. We arrived at around noon after an adventure into the woods which ended with a hike out. Our ferry didn't leave until 5:30, so with no shortage of time to kill we went back to the pub.


Sometimes the best adventures start on a whim. This was one of them. While the weather wasn't ideal, the right gear, the right people and the right attitude made this trip one we won't forget.

If you're interested in doing similar trips or in bike packing in general, stop by the shop and talk to any of us. We'd be more than happy to share our experiences with you and give some insight into yet another way to enjoy the great outdoors on two wheels.

P.S. Next time you're in the shop, ask rob about his seeping bag.

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