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New Season, New Store

As the mercury begins drop, we are left with the mosaic of oranges, yellows, and reds that was once Fall, blanketing the forest floor and providing warmth against the cool breath of winter. It is this time of the year that has most of us start praying for that next low pressure system, eagerly eyeing at the skies and snowboards in the garage. For most of us this marks the start of off-season.

There is something fundamentally different about life here in the Fraser Valley. We don't seem to have much of an off-season. We have the luxury to continue to explore on two wheels throughout these so-called dark days. It's this year-round riding that has really become one of the cornerstones to riding in the Valley. Sometimes it's these changes in the seasons that create some of most amazing opportunities for riders. As Mother Nature switches gears this year, we will see some changes to the local scene, but often change is a good thing.


In Chilliwack there is definitely a growing scene for mountain bikers. A glowing ember that slowly begins to transform into the dancing warmth of an evening river side fire. It's reminiscent of those early settlers traveling across the country in search of riches, fortune and new roots with which to build a future. An untamed land with endless possibilities.

Growing up in Chilliwack, I think we always knew the possibilities… the "what could be". It seems like others have finally begun to realize this as well. It was these dreams that really lead us down this road. What started out as a far removed idea between a few good friends over some local beer began to shape into something more.

It was really our passion for mountain biking, the people we met, the friendships that were forged, our experiences on these trails and the culture that we surrounded ourselves with that made it all possible.

We saw an amazing community of people and wanted to be able to give them the support they needed. We wanted to support what we care and believe in and for us it comes back to the trails, the riders and the community as whole.

We looked to other great biking communities and we realized that we were missing something here in Chilliwack. We needed that hub; the one thing that connected everything together, from the trails to the riders, builders and other community members.

We believed that a bike shop that stood for the riders, the trails, and those that work so hard to build and maintain those trails would allow us to share our passion for bikes with anyone that came through our doors. We wanted that connection to our riders, the trails, and community. It would serve as t​he central cog in a much larger wheel that provided the connection needed to help the riding scene move forward.

This journey that we are about embark on is not necessarily about us. It's about you, where you ride, your trails, the stories and memories that accompany you. Our hope is to be able to share our passion with you and be an integral component of your two-wheeled adventures.

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new bicycle shop in Chilliwack. We have chosen the name "Vedder Mountain Bike Company" because that mountain is where it all started for us. It was in those hills that our passion for bikes was born.

That is our story and we hope you will join us for the ride.

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